April Fool's Day (2008)

In the d├ębutant ball of the socialite Torrance Caldwell on April, 1st 2007, the millionaire Desiree Cartier dilutes a powerful drug in the champagne of her acquaintance, Milan Hastings, and her brother, Blaine Cartier, takes advantage of Milan. Desiree tapes the situation with a camcorder while her friends Torrance, Barbie and Peter Welling, Charles Lansford and Ryan snoop. However, Milan has a seizure and falls off the balcony immediately dying. The group goes to court, Blaine looses the control of the family's fortune which shifts to Desiree, but they are considered innocents and the death of Milan is considered a fatal prank. One year later, each one of them receive a letter mustering them up to Milan's grave. While gathered in the cemetery, they receive a package telling that each one of them will die until the person responsible for the death of Milan owns up.

April Fool Day (2008) DvDRip-mkv [295mb]


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